Support your Market

LI Greenmarket is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization.

We need your support to continue forward. 

Are you a Local Business or Service and interested in sponsoring the market and sharing information?

Please see our Sponsorship Levels and information below. 

Our marketplace is a conduit for community. Please ensure you are participating to share information, if planning to come on-site to the market. No direct selling. 

Pay to Become a Local Market Sponsor

1. Pay the $100 Local Sponsorship Fee by clicking "Add to Cart" Paypal button to check out. 


2. Fill out the Inquiry Form that follows automatically during the Checkout with Paypal. 


3. Wait for Confirmation from LI Greenmarket Staff. 

Email any questions to:

Be a Market Supporter! Join our efforts in making sure

Long Island has access to good, clean food!

Interested in Donating to the Markets?

Donations Accepted

At LIGreenmarket Inc. we strive to give all our shoppers the opportunity to get to know and love the sustainable environment community. 


Thank you for considering to Give:

You can become a LIGreenmarket market member by donating to our cause of establishing a well-established farmers market network on Long Island with supple access to good, clean foods for our neighborhoods.




LI Greenmarkets is always grateful and eager to have volunteers join our community group. There is always something to be tended to and LI Greenmarket has many regional gardens and mentorship programs that always need assistance. 


Are you an organization looking to plan a Volunteer Day for your teams or employees? Are you a student looking to get some socially responsible and real-world experience? Or maybe, you are retired and enjoy gardening and socializing with community residents and members? We are happy to have you all.