LI Fresh Box Program

The LI Fresh Box Program, a partnership between Northwell
Health and LI Greenmarket, will help to support healthy eating
and preventative care in homes across Long Island.


Weekly Community Supported Agriculture Food Boxes will contain
locally grown vegetables and fruits, healthfully designed recipes, and engagement materials to encourage cooking at home and delivered to a convenient pick up site. Fresh Boxes will be convenient; purchased 1 week in advance at targeted area pick-up locations, such as, community centers, practitioners offices, & area Farmers’ markets.

About the LI Fresh Box:

a) Fresh Boxes aim to include one kind of fruit, one salad green, one cooking green, a fresh herb, an aromatic vegetable (like onions or garlic), and a selection of seasonal vegetables. Occasionally, we include locally grown grains or legumes, if available. The volume and number of items is dependent on the season and wholesale price of vegetables. In the height of the season, Fresh Food Box bags can contain up to ten different items.

b) “Fresh Boxes” are actually packaged in brown, grocery-sized carry bags and include home nutritional information, such as recipes designed by Northwell Health registered dietitians, and cooking activities to share on-line with friends and family.

Providers will give a patient a Rx for the Fresh Box Program. The Rx will provide the patient with a $5 discount for 4 weekly boxes. The Rx can be renewed by re-visiting the provider's practice, which may include a follow-up for a particular condition requiring some of the following examples: blood pressure check, HgbA1C monitoring, blood glucose
monitoring, lifestyle counseling (nutrition, tobacco cessation, etc.)
All patients are eligible but the program will be targeting patients including those patients with WIC or SNAP benefits, Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, Hypertension, Tobacco Use, Obesity and/or Malnutrition.


Cost: Fresh Boxes are $24 each week. Boxes will be convenient; purchased 1 week in advance at targeted area pick-up locations (i.e. at community centers, practitioners offices, or/area Farmers’ markets). Boxes are affordable; Boxes can be purchased with cash, credit, EBT/SNAP benefits, FMNP/WIC checks and subsidized with NYS Fresh Connect Checks to help increase the Fresh Box value & items. LI Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Rx program can also be used for the purchase of LI Fresh Boxes. 


Delivery & Distribution: Fresh Boxes will arrive by LI Greenmarket Van and/or partner’s Mobile Market to Registration Location for the same designated time each week
for pick-up. Customers may also re-register for the following week at the same time with LI Greenmarket staff. Practitioners are encouraged to share LI Fresh Box Area location listings for client’s when prescribing Fresh Fruits and vegetables.


• This program will help for tracking and following the health of local, Long Island clients who have measurable, target health goals. Further, this partnership aims to help actualize and support a 'Food as Medicine' mission for our Long Island residents. 

Locations and Dates

DAY WED 09/13, 2:00 PM

LIJ WIC Center

400 Lakeville Rd, Suite 250

New Hyde Park, NY 11042

Pilot Week, Pre-purchased and registration.

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